Spring Clean-up – Trash Bins, Mini-Bins, Dumpster Rental and Roll-off Dumpster Service

When storage space for seasonal items becomes packed with other items, like things you mean to fix or repair or materials for unfinished projects, outgrown clothing, items the children left behind when they moved out and many other things that accumulate over time, the job is often bigger that it looks. Make sure you plan ahead before tackling this project; allow twice the amount of time you think it may need to remove the clutter.

Decide what size trash bin or dumpster will be needed seriously to get rid of the trash. You will save your self a lot of time and trouble just throwing everything into the trash bin rather than stuffing garbage bags, not to mention that huge pile of clutter in the leading yard waiting for trash pick-up day.

Be organized when taking on this project. Move the cars and make use of the driveway as a place to pile everything. Empty the garage completely, sweep it clean and begin reorganizing. The time has come to put up shelves, build a cabinet or install the organizers.

Now that everything is easy to see, you can decide things to keep, what to donate to charity and what gets pitched in the trash bin. Maybe you have things you’ve been meaning to give to a buddy or family member, something you borrowed and need to reunite or things other people left at your home. Have different piles for different categories.

Handle each item just once! Put it in the appropriate pile, on the shelf, in the tool box or in the trash bin. Get rid of whatever you haven’t utilized in over a year; chances are, you actually do not need it and will never use it. Continue with each item until the driveway is clean, the garage is organized and the dumpster service Allentown is full.

Decide where you should store everything. Items like tools or things used on an everyday basis should be stored in an easily accessible location. Holiday decorations and seasonal items may be placed on high shelves or up in the rafters area. Remember to allow space for easy access to the lawn mower, bicycles as well as other large items that will need to be used in and out regularly. Be sure to make it easy to access with or without the cars being in the garage.

If the project is complete and the dumpster service Allentown is being rolled away, make a mental note to be more organized later on; remember how this huge project took all day. Admire your handiwork for a few minutes to appreciate the nicely organized garage you’ve been contemplating and looking forward to all cold temperatures. Of course, clutter happens, with time, but a clean-up project this large can be kept down to an annual event if you remember to have a spot for everything and keep all things in its place.

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